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Default Re: The President Obama Thread

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
Setting in front of a witch hunt council is hardly what his job is about. I come across nervous and unsure when interrogated and questioned by *******s but that doesnt mean I dont know what im doing when it counts.
Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
You are not going for Secretary of Defense....he made key policy mistakes, he was not able to answer key questions, and when he did it was obvious he had no idea what the hell he was talking about. Hillary Clinton faced a FAR MORE hostile hearing and never balked at a question, never stammered, never had to have someone from the administration come in and say...."um, that is not this administrations stand on that policy..." Not once....

He has no clue what the job is about, and it was OBVIOUS.... I don't care how he answered questions about his voting record, etc....but I do care how he answers questions about day to day workings of the department he will head up, and the policies of that department. THAT, I CARE ABOUT....he had no clue...
Not to mention Hagel is a United States Senator and everything. He should be able to handle just a bit of scrutiny.

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