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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by thuhgostrydur View Post

Thank you very much kind sir. And you are correct on the updated paint apps for the Begins figure. The Bat Symbol on the chest is also less shiny on the trilogy pack figure.

I'm really diggin this set and it displays nicely. I'm going to crack open the second set and see if the Broken cowl can fit over the figures head.

I wish Mattel would keep up with the multipack MM's as they could easily produce a pack with say Luscious, Bruce and say Alfred with a slightly different outfit.

Or even a Talia, Bane and Ra's in his lighter colored suit from Rises. League of shadows triple pack!

Or a Ninja clad Bruce, Ninja Clad Ra's and a League of shadows Ninja and also a 3 pack with Bruce and Ra's in training garb with a league of shadows ninja.

The possibilities are endless.

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