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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

Originally Posted by Darthkush View Post
You know, the one thing I hope they fix is Cyclop's death from X3. If they fix nothing but that, I'll be happy. I don't hate X-men: the last stand as much as many other do but the one thing I hate is Cyclops dying in it. They fix that and instantly i'm a lot happier. I'd be happy to see Jean again but it's not as bad as Cyclops' half-assed death.
Agreed. I think that Jean Grey's appearance in the next Wolverine film will serve some sort of purpose, since the film is supposed to segue into Days Of Future Past. So much of her survival of X3's events will depend on Bryan & Co.'s willingness to embrace the full fantasy element of the Phoenix...which will mean abandoning the realism he originally based the franchise on. Not sure he's willing to go that far, but that doesn't mean a younger actress can't be cast for Jean "in the past".

And Scott Summers' death in X3 was hands-down one of the worst things done EVER in a modern day comic book film. Totally senseless.

I may get stoned here for saying this but...Bryan Singer is directly responsible (along with Fox executives) for Scott's death in X3. He left the production of X3 for Warner Bros. Superman Returns and then cast James Marsden in the damn film. I mean, what the f***?!? The timing couldn't have been more terrible.

Therefore, I have a feeling that Bryan wants to fix Scott's death in Days Of Future Past if it's possible.

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