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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
Fat chance of that happening. LOL

I think Halle would be willing to come back "just to die", especially if the "past" is corrected to undo the future. She could serve as "bookends" in the film, basically providing brief cameo appearance(s) at the beginning and end of the film. That's all I'm really expecting at this point. The fact that Bryan is still considering whether she should be in the film or not tells me she is definitely NOT a time traveler and will be reduced to a cameo, if at all.

Killing Storm off in the movie-verse permanently would be just as bad as what was done to Scott in X3. And the fanbase would never forgive such a decision.
Totally agree on the last part. However, I wouldn't be happy with just a cameo. I want the future scenes to have depth and to show how much they're struggling and how grave the stakes are. In the comics, it was kind of like a last man standing situation, where Magneto gave up himself so the mission could continue and then the rest of them got picked off one at a time. I want Storm to be the leader and to survive at least until the final moments of that timeline!

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