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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by thuhgostrydur View Post
You're welcome.

Holy cow, yes the possibilities are endless. I was imagining what 2pks. could be available for the future, but totally ignored the possibility of more 3 pks.

Include the stands, more accessories, and the $45 price... that would be so sweet. And, maybe another 40% sale.

BTW, the broken cowl might not fit the figure. On a video review for the set, the reviewer tried to put it on the figure but it wouldn't fit.

I hope they eventually release a cloth caped, masked version of the new Trilogy pack TDKR figure.

I think I'm giving up on us getting a taller BB figure with a cloth cape.

Thanks for the heads up on the video review for the trilogy pack/broken cowl. Thats to bad, wish it could fit on the figure.

And i think that 3 packs at the $44.99 price range are the way to go especially to get the more unique figures out to us fans/collectors.

And yeah, i think you should give up on the taller BB because i highly doubt Mattel will shell out the cash to tool a new cast for a brand new figure. Although, they may release the current BB with a cloth cape. If they do, i hope its a larger and thicker cape as well. Possibly with a wire frame to pose.

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