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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

TASM - 7.8
Great film! It's unfortunate that the likes of TDK trilogy, Iron Man, TIH and Avengers set the bar so high.

Spider-Man 1 - 7.5
Honestly back in the day it was awesome, but the CG has NOT aged well, and the dialogue is VERY poorly written - also factor in the fact that Spidey barely has any quips. Dafoe was unreal though!!!

Spider-Man 2 - 6.8
An alright film, but the cheesy writing gets worse. It's annoying, because the themes in the film are fantastic, but the dialogue continues to worsen after the first one. And that "raindrops are fallen" sequence was ridiculous...

Spider-Man 3 - 5.8
Again, the themes get so much more deep, but the writing becomes chaotic. All over the place. WTF genre is this!? This film opened my eyes to the imperfections of the first two.

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