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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

The buy one get one 40% off ended Saturday unfortunately, this was the second buy one get one sale on the batman stuff. I wasn't going to use it to get twooo three packs hahaha, I was going to buy it and get the bane and batman two pack at 40% off, but sales over haha. They told me they get stuff like this from outside vendors so to check daily, but it was Sunday today and tomorrow's a holiday with banks and no mail running so wonder if they'll even get anything in. The last three times I called it was the exact same person, I felt bad for bugging her haha.

Those little figures are cool, my TRU didn't have them Saturday so I guess they'll come in with the 3 pack. With these new dark knight trilogy toys and how well all the others have sold, I am optimistic more will slowly be released over time. Remember the batman, joker, batman, scarecrow 5" set they could do like a batman with scarecrow joker and and bane in a four pack now or some kind of talia and lucious/bane two pack even would be cool

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