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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

Originally Posted by JackMercy View Post
Uh... yeah, sure. Right before he was very notably "kicked off" the FOX lot, Singer made sure to write a special decree to Tom Rothman that said "MAKE SURE CYCLOPS SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES." Yes, Singer consciously made a choice to cast Marsden in SR only so that he could take him away from Rothman and X-Men and make X3 that much worse. Yes, Singer is the root of all evil in 2005/06.

And Rothman, being the stand-up guy he was known exactly to be, honored Singer's request implicitly, through his uber-mind control over X3's quote-unquote "director," who would not be swayed by any other studio boss.

Yeah...whatever, bub.

I wouldn't overplay my hand if I were you. Studio politics are real, dude. And you'd be naïve if you didn't believe Bryan's decision to dump FOX/X3 last minute for WB/SR didn't have mass impact on many decisions.

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