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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 3

I dunno, you could really have a great scene if you killed a big name in the first 5 minutes. Imagine opening on a shivering Storm or Kitty Pryde or someone, dirty and bloody, hiding behind wreckage. We hear loud noises and all of a sudden she's discovered. She whips up a storm, does something bad ass and devestating, struggles but manages to take down a sentinel. Exhausted, she turns around and sees she's surrounded by 10 more. Her eyes white over, lightning starts coming out of her eyes and she says something defiant like "I will fight to the end!" (less cliche, obviously) and we see her scream as she is disintegrated by a hand blast. Sentinel says "Target eliminated" in a cold voice, camera pans down and rests on an old burnt 'X' emblem covered in ash and we fade to black and up comes the title.

That could be a pretty damn powerful way to open the movie. If you treat a death well to sell the danger of this future, it could be awesome. You could an action scene as satisfying as the White House scene in X2 but with an emotional pay off like Rorshachs death scene in Watchmen.

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