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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
Captain Mar-Vell
Spider-Woman (eventually)
Ant Man/Pym and Wasp/Janet
Bill Foster and Scott Lang
Luke Cage
Black Panther
Wonder Man
Hercules, and more.

They roster is so vast they could rotate and stagger it and keep the films going for years and years.

How about Marvel films use Enchantress in place of Scarlet Witch?
She, like Scarlet Witch, could start out as a bad guy/threat, but turn good and join the Avengers.
She, like Scarlet Witch, could have a relationship with Vision, and like SW, could have a brotherly like
relationship with Loki (in place of Quicksilver). This could eventually lead Loki and Enchantress to create
Billy and Tommy, magically created children.

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