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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

Originally Posted by Darthkush View Post
1. Spider-man 9.5/10 -I love the first film. Love it. The only issue I have with it is Green Goblin's costume(which doesn't bother me like it bothers others to begin with) and that the cgi looks kind of aged but other than that, it works on almost every level. I love Dafoe as GG. That's an underated villain performance if ever i saw one.

2. Spider-man 2 9/10-Spidey 2 is pretty great but what makes it a lesser film than the first for me is the whole storyline about Peter losing his confidence which somehow makes him not be able to fire webbing or..whatever the hell was going on. I also didn't like how Octopus dissappear for a large chunk of the film after the bank fight. Spidey 2 has a great first act, an amazing 3rd(the train and clock tower are some of the best superhero movie fights of all time), but for me, a meh middle.

3. Spider-man 3 8.5/10-I don't dislike it like many do. It's a bit of a letdown but it's still very entertaining. I think Venom should've been saved for a part 4 instead of shoehorning him into 3. It's one of those films that starts off great and about halfway through it just loses it's footing. And the first major fight(Harry vs. Peter) and the amnesia...don't work at all. That fight is overreliant on cgi to the point of not looking real at all and the amnesia is just well...stupid.

4. Amazing spider-man 7.25/10- It's not a terrible movie but it's a terrible spider-man movie. THAT is not my Peter Parker. He's not awkward, he's actually pretty normal and I don't like that. I hate the skateboarding. I hated how Peter was constantly not caring much about what Ben and May had to say. In the first Raimi movie, I felt like Peter was just having a disagreement with Uncle Ben but here I felt like Peter genuinely didn't respect him, and I hated that. Then the fact that the killer just gets away..ick. And all this crud about Peter's father, I just didn't care. To top it off, the film is dull in general. It has it's moments but it's by far the worst spider-man film.
You pretty much nailed it for me, as far as order and likes/dislikes.

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