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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

First Act: Batman Begins, easily. The first time we get Bruce Wayneís full origin in any media version of Batman, and its near perfect.

Second Act: The Dark Knight in another no brainer. From Joker killing people to Rachelís death, TDK has the best middle act for sure.

Third Act: The Dark Knight again. The Prewitt scene is ace, and so is the final sequence between Bruce/Gordon/Dent.

Intro: For now Iíd have to go with TDKR, just because of how exciting the entire sequence was. But I honestly might go with BB, because its the only time in the trilogy that the movie actually started with who is supposed to be the main character.

Ending: The Dark Knight, no question. Sums up why Batman is such a great character. Batman Begins is second, and I was too disappointed by certain aspects of TDKRís ending to rank it anything above last.

Overall, I oscilate between BB and TDK. What I love about Begins is that itís the only time in Nolanís trilogy where his Batman seems truly extraordinary. Someone said that the villains took a backseat to Bruce in this franchise, but BB is the only time where I felt that was completely true, especially in regards to Batman facing off against the villains. In Batman Begins, we have a Batman that seems more in control in regards to taking on threats. In TDK, Joker was ahead of him most of the time, and in TDKR Batman never got a truly satisfying victory over Bane. With BB, Nolan came closer to portraying the comic book badassness of the character than he would in subsequent films.

In regards to TDK, while I love Begins for comic book-ness, TDK is just an excellent film, the only one in the trilogy that deserved a Best Picture and Best Director nod at the Oscars. Bale, Eckhart, and Oldman remain underrated for their performances.

TDKR is still last for me.

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