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Default Re: The beginning sequence of the DOFP

I really wish Bryan Singer would read and consider this.

OK so here goes, I think this would be an amazing way to open up the movie and would explains how Xavier has his body, how Cyclops would be alive and kicking, Jean Grey etc, etc.

Ok so pan to the outside view of Xavier's school of the gifted from afar....with some great background music. Slowly bring the camera in through one of the windows. We, as the viewer, now are looking at a class in session. Xavier is in his wheelchair (Patrick Stewart) giving an in-depth lecture to the young students on time travel. Xavier::::"Time Travel, , it is one of the most exceptional concepts of our lifetime. To move a being or object from one point in time to another. Much can be accomplished by means of time travel. I myself would not be sitting here before you were it not for time travel." Xavier points to the back of the classroom. "Also, as you are all aware, Scott Summers and his wife Jean would not be joining us today had it not been for the use of time travel. Pan the camera to Scott Summers standing in the back of the class with his arm around Jean Grey, smiling in admiration of the man he had looked up to his whole life. But we must always ask ourselves is time travel worth the great risks it could pose to our very existence. Yes, we have accomplished great things here at our school with time travel, saved the lives of those we thought would have been lost forever. Pan the camera to Wolverine, who turns his eyes to stare at Jean. He pauses to take in her full beauty and the way she lights up the entire room. He then sighs and looks over to Xavier who is still in deep lecture.

The lecture then can then be broken up by a massive explosion on the school grounds....THE SENTINELS

Then cut back to the 1970s!!!


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