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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
I wouldn't overplay my hand if I were you. Studio politics are real, dude. And you'd be naïve if you didn't believe Bryan's decision to dump FOX/X3 last minute for WB/SR didn't have mass impact on many decisions.
I know very well of what you speak, my man (you are a man, right?), I was around when it happened.

It's just this kind of audacity of certain fan cultures to consciously blame filmmakers for supposedly-purposefully wishing ill-will upon their favorite characters, as if they had nothing else better to do...that's all I'm really talking about.

Logistically, of course Singer's decision to leave had an impact on every phase of the production...a creative head leaving a production always does. And they couldn't have hired anyone worse than the Rat-man (maybe that was conscious on Rothman's part!). But in terms of Singer consciously forging the the kind of impact some fans like to claim he did, by leaving, in retrospect?

I just take issue with the idea that it's any one man's fault over another...when the reality of the situation is usually a even mix between fact, rumor, speculation..."all that stuff."

Would I like to see Cyclops given a strong role in a future X-Men film? Sure. But realistically, look at the character, look at the actor's popularity relative to others in the franchise, and look at how the character operates on screen (very important), i.e. it's hard to identify with a character when you can never see their eyes...which is, unbelievably, the both great and tragic thing about his final moment in X3 -- that there was some attempt to let you "see" into his vision, his soul...but we all knew that it couldn't last.

At the risk of sounding cheeseball -- eyes are indeed 'the window to the soul,' after all...just something to think about.

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