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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

So, talked to local TRU manager today. She knew when I walked in when they opened what I was looking for. No luck of course. But she did take me to a computer. She brought the item up and got the upc and then tried to order one right there. No dice, got a raincheck message. Which she says means we could have never got one here anyway. Only the biggest accounts will probably be getting these and whichever ones in between some happen to land at.

I don't remember what the number was but she got the number of how many of these are left in transit and on shelves and it really isn't that high of a number. Seems pretty limited. Seems if your TRU has a BRU attached you will probably get one because those are considered the priority with exclusives. She did call another TRU personally though, and asked them if I could purchase one from them over the phone with a credit card and them ship it to me and they agreed. So I bought one in TX in IN. Pretty nice lady.

Drexbat, I did notice on her screen Jersey had numbers listed next to it. So I asked her since she said she was from there and you were the only name I could think of on here that I could put with a state. Jersey has some in the warehouse they have. What TRU get it and which don't though, who knows. Stupid exclusives.

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