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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

1) YES! For the reasons everyone else is saying, she was the leader of the X-Men and headmistress of the school at the end of X3 and would make a seamless transition into this film, she would be one of the very few characters that would not need an explanation. And as has been seen, the general public (whether they love her or hate her) expect to see her in this movie. Bryan would have never been asked about Halle/Storm if audiences were not genuinely interested in seeing her return.

Leaving a character out because you did not like the actress' performance personally isn't justifiable when said actress (won an oscar after appearing in an X-Men movie) and has recently received critical acclaim for her work. Give Halle good material and she shines, give her crap and she acts like crap.

2) I don't know many young black actresses that could take on the role, maybe an unknown. I don't want a 70's Storm anyway, I prefer her older and tougher not scared and barely able to use her powers. Storm's needs to be the seasoned and experienced leader that the team needs to help them survive in the future.

3) He better, It isn't like her appearance in the movie is going to stop people from watching the film. Besides if she's garnering this much attention then perhaps she should appear.

Halle is the biggest female star of the original trilogy and the second (if not joint first) biggest female star of the entire X-Men franchise. Her exclusion will be noticed, when you place a character at the front of the poster for three X-Men movies her sudden disappearance hits you like a brick in the face.

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