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Default Re: "I am Doom...What Gods Dare Stand Against Me"---The official Dr. Doom Thread

Originally Posted by Incrediblejeff View Post
I think it would be a cool twist if they made Doom the protagonist,and show the Fantastic 4 as the villains in his POV.It could be a super villain movie with an origin and everything.It probably has no chance of happening,but I would love it.
I wouldn't go that far, but I would like to see them spend some time on Doom as a child as with FF Annual #2. The backgrounds of many dictators are actually very similar to what Kirby and Lee showed us there ( I suspect that they both had more than a passing interest in Hitler and probably spent some time studying how he became what he became ).

People like Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein etc. often share certain developmental elements. People who grow up to become ruthless dictators were often very poor as children in societies that had great divisions in status and power between the rich and poor. Dictators often have abusive or absent fathers.

And many dictators can also claim that some elements of their society are better because of the strict structure they provide.

A Doom that isn't a simple evil charicature and one that is based on other ruthless leaders - who are often loved by many of those who live under their rule, and truly believe that their countries are better with them than they would be without - could be very interesting.

Unfortunately many people (particularly the suits at Fox) don't truly recognize the depth of some of the things Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did and they only see and understand the most superficial elements.

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