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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

I think you can write her out with cancer or something. Some kind of explanation. A sort of gung-ho last hoorah sort of fight in the future to kill her off would be better, and then they can bring back the younger version of her character later if the holocaust is prevented. We ain't going to have Cyke and Jean in this either. That said, bringing back Wolverine was another thing I could have done without, even though he is one of the main guys in the comic.

I don't think the future sequence should be more than an extended sequence. You need an opening credit scene. I don't know who'd narrate it. McKellan or Stewart, but maybe Halle could come back for at least that is she's already dead. Then you need a sequence featuring some of the old guns, like Ashmore and Paquin and maybe Cudmore. Send Kitty and Wolverine back somewhere in that sequence. But I think you can explain who died in an opening credit monologue.

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