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Default Re: Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party XIV

Originally Posted by JJJ's Ulcer View Post
But HOW did they get elected to prominent positions such as Governor, Senator and Speaker of the House in the first place? Because their electorate doesn't see them as fringe candidates, but as reasonable and appealing alternatives to the Democratic party. Thus you just validated what Thundercrack said about them representing the GOP mainstream instead of its fringe.

As for the others... if Akin and Mourdock hadn't made one or two stupid comments they'd both be Senators today. Their extremist positions aren't what sunk their nominations, just how they expressed them. Look at Mike Huckabee. Huckabee and Akin are probably 99% in synch on issues. The only difference is Huckabee knows how to package his ideas better. The GOP isn't rejecting candidates because of extremist ideas, but embracing them. These days their fringe is the moderates of their party. Those are the ones being purged and becoming more and more marginalized.
No, it's called that they appeal to just more than one faction of the GOP. Someone who is just purely evangelical is not going to go far. You have to appeal to multiple factions within the party. Beyond just the religious sect because they are just a minority within the party (not half). I've never said that they were fringe, because they're not, they're a prominent part of the party. But half? That's really pushing. I would say the evangelical wing makes up to about a third of the GOP's ideological make up.

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