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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

So after (finally) getting the film on BluRay and watching it countless times, I can finally express my one disappointment with the film without fear of spoiling anybody.

As a Batman fan, I wish Bruce had died.

I simply feel that his sacrifice should have been genuine, because to me, Bruce cannot be separated from Batman, especially this portrayal of Bruce. His life was guided by the mission, and when we first see Bruce in TDKR, I could see it in his eyes that despite all the "other" circumstances of his self-imposed isolation, he was simply lost without Batman. For him to willingly sacrifice his life would have made this film as defining as The Dark Knight. If they had simply cut out Alfred's smile/nod and Bruce's smile/nod, and just left it at something catching Alfred's eye so that he looked at the audience, I think it would've been ambiguous enough without seemingly trying to be. This film needed finality for Bruce's story. That Blake would inherit the mantle I was fine with, but if Bruce is still alive there's no sense of finality.

I love this film, don't get me wrong. And the more I watch it the more I love it, but Bruce needed to die. The ultimate "rising" if you will. Otherwise, Alfred's tears were shed for nothing.

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