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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
It isn't obvious at all that the other studios have learned anything from Marvel's success. The only thing that is obvious is that they are now motivated by greed, the desire to replicate the billion-dollar payday Marvel achieved with The Avengers. Merely wanting to emulate Marvel's ability to make successful films doesn't mean that either studio actually has the ability to do so.

Mark Millar's hiring at Fox may be little more than window dressing. He has been very vocal about Fox's alleged desire to create a coherent universe with its Marvel properties. However, Bryan Singer hasn't even spoken to Millar and made it clear that whatever happens in the X films is controlled solely by him. There doesn't appear to be any coordination going on there. The consultant has also spoken of Josh Trank's plans for the FF reboot, but whether he has actually spoken to the director or writers is questionable. It's kind of hard to consult when no one is communicating.

Millar's one concrete contribution was convincing Matthew Vaughn to drop DOFP in favor of helming one of Millar's own films. With the follow-up to the (moderately) successful reboot now in the hands of a different director due to his influence, one has to wonder whether Millar's hiring was actually such a great thing for Fox's Marvel projects.
Wow Xeno is speaking the complete truth! LOL!

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