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Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
The last few pages remind me that showtime and jamie are the most logical guys on this board.

In part cause they're the only two guys who dont bring up STM/SR every waking moment just to bash it.
To this I have only a few things to say:

1. MOS is a new Superman movie. It will be obviously compared to what has come before, just like any reboot ever has. And its valid to make such comparisons.

2. I was pretty heavily involved in this discussion. And I love Superman Returns. I think I've praised the film on SHH more often than I've critiqued it. So just casting me as some hater who enjoys bashing the film at every opportunity is a quick way of straw manning one side without paying attention to any nuances in the discussion.

3. Showtime's most recent comment doesn't really reflect the course of the conversation at all. We weren't comparing MOS as a whole with SR as a whole. That's an over simplification of the comparison that was made.

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