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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
How dare you lump STM with SR!
Why not? Everyone else does.

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
To this I have only a few things to say:

1. MOS is a new Superman movie. It will be obviously compared to what has come before, just like any reboot ever has. And its valid to make such comparisons.

2. I was pretty heavily involved in this discussion. And I love Superman Returns. I think I've praised the film on SHH more often than I've critiqued it. So just casting me as some hater who enjoys bashing the film at every opportunity is a quick way of straw manning one side without paying attention to any nuances in the discussion.

3. Showtime's most recent comment doesn't really reflect the course of the conversation at all. We weren't comparing MOS as a whole with SR as a whole. That's an over simplification of the comparison that was made.
Sorry man, I'm not gonna pull out a magnifying glass to inspect the minutia of the 7 billionth time you guys have decided to bring up Superman Returns. Honestly, there may be some merit to what you're saying, but bringing up SR once again is just the continuation of what I feel is beating a dead horse.

I was here during the BB days, and I'm pretty sure we Batfans didnt constantly bring up B & R the way people bring up SR. I came here hoping for something new or at least an interesting convo, and there goes SR being brought up...again.

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