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Default Re: Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party XIV

Originally Posted by SV Fan View Post
I really thought it would have been a smart move for Romney to campaign on legalizing(or at least decriminalizing it at the federal level) weed. It would have given him cred with libertarians and he also could have used financial and social issues(ie how it hurts the black community due to the brunt of the criminalization going against them, jail, etc) as his logic. All that being said it's hard for a republican to act like they are libertarian when it comes to social issues and defense spending(where they are the exact opposite of libertarians).
People like him are so afraid of losing the base Republicans that they won't take that chance, which is totally ridiculous because the people that they would gain, would probably at least equal those that would have simply not voted.....and that group really cannot stand Obama, so they probably, in the end, would have held their nose and voted for Romney anyway... BUT THE PEOPLE THAT HE HAD ADVISING HIM, would have never gone for that...that is why these guys need to not go with ANY OF THE REGULAR ADVISERS the next time around.


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