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Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
There are plenty of things we know of in MOS that we've never seen in a Superman film before:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
- Robot army
- Big spaceships in the sky (including the Phantom Zone being replaced by a spaceship called the 'Black Zone')
- Tornado
- Clark with a beard
- Clark having a human life in an alaskan fishing village
- Jor-el and Zod fight scene
- Suit without trunks
- The military fighting against Superman
- Black Perry White
- Young Clark first being told he is an alien
- Dr Hamilton
- The FOS as a spaceship rather than an ice castle that rises from a crystal
- ... and i'd say it's a pretty safe bet that JK doesn't die of just a natural random heart attack. It's bound to go down in a much bigger way.

No one is saying there are going to be absolutely no similarities whatsoever. But there are certainly a number of very different elements in play in this film than any previous film representation... and those are the things that make this a lot more exciting than SR for me.
Not everything on that list is guaranteed to be in the film.

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