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Default Re: If you had the chance to punch anyone in the world...

Originally Posted by Mr. Wooden Alligator View Post
I'd like the punch every Magic player who's mad about a woman making the Top 8 at one of the recent competitive tournaments.
I remember watching a documentary (perhaps it was a show on video gaming) once which followed a team of professional gamers. These half dozen or so guys were very good at whatever the game was, some shooter or rather, and ended up at a big tournament in which the grand prize was a large sum of money. In the final round they pitted against a team of girls, who beat them. They did not lose gracefully.

These total jerks began making every excuse under the sun as to why they lost, they were up late the night before, they had jet lag from several days before, they had this problem or that problem. It was insane. If they'd had been gentlemen about it they might have made some new friends, of the opposite sex no less, but they had to act like total ass clowns.

Anyway, the Magic thing reminded me of that. Anyone who acts like that deserves a solid sock in the jaw.

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