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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
lightning, I sent u a pm today, did u read it?
I'm just logging in. I have literally 2 dozen PMs so I haven't read all of today's messages yet. I will soon.

Originally Posted by SterlingDee
Why is it not justifiable? She brings the quality of the entire film down with her poor acting imo.
You have a point there. I do think that this is a problem and may be a reason why Bryan may be hesitating to bring her back. Truth is, Halle was not the best choice to be cast for this character and poor decision-making 13 years ago is biting Bryan in his ass now. But that's what happens you attach an actress to Marvel Comic's arguably most recognizable heroine and don't really give a f*** about what you're doing. Those FOX studio heads completely underestimated the appeal of 2000's X1 and thought they wouldn't have a hit on their hands. But unfortunately, he can't just NOT have the character in Days Of Future Past now because Storm IS the most recognizable heroine.

There were so many capable black actresses that could have embodied the role fully (Beverly, Iman, Angela, hell, even Vivica A. Fox!). But instead of really investing the same amount of inspired casting in Storm as he did with Hugh Jackman/Patrick Stewart/Anna Paquin, etc., he just went for whatever was prettiest, most expedient and comfortably black.

As a result, he is truly in a mass produced f***ed up situation now.

Originally Posted by SterlingDee
It's not like she's receiving huge amounts of critical acclaim for her turn in Cloud Atlas.
You're incorrect here. She's been consistently praised by critics for her work in that film, which was certified fresh on Read the reviews for yourself.

Originally Posted by SterlingDee
Plus, she's also had 7 consecutive flops, disappointments, or unreleased films in a row so it's not like she has a fanbase (she's a tabloid celebrity not a movie star). She's even one of the only main cast who hasn't been in a hit since X3.
That's another exaggeration. Everyone on this cast has had hits and misses since X-Men: The Last Stand. In fact, SEVEN of Hugh Jackman's last ten RT-rated films were rotten. Or have you forgotten Movie 43 (in which Halle also stars), Deception, Australia or that little gem X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which has a whopping 38% rotten rating)? Would you like to talk about Famke Janssen's filmography next?

Next time, take care that you're standing outside the glass enclosure should you decide to throw stones.

Originally Posted by SterlingDee
They should take her Oscar back
And yet, for as terrible as she is, she is one of only 2 original cast members that have an Oscar. God damn the Academy to hell, huh?

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