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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion

Originally Posted by Primal Slayer View Post
Every day that passes without an announcement of Halle joining the film makes me think more and more that Storm wont be in this. If she is not I will be HIGHLY disappointed. And it will just be sad that none of the original movieverse X-men will likely be around. And by original I mean that we were introduced to and were X-men at the start of X1.
Agreed. I will be greatly disappointed if Storm is slighted in this film completely (past or future) because it will be glaringly obvious that this production is lazy when it comes to the character...that they really aren't trying to do what is right by their own franchise's past films, the source material or the fan's desires.

Honestly, I think a battle with the Sentinels will be boring as hell without Storm (and Cyclops). I watched Superman Returns last night and one thing struck me: Bryan is amazing with rich story-telling and character development. But he is NOT really one for big, epic action/fight scenes. He seems to shy away from them. X2 and especially X3 proved that Storm can be the most destructive long range. If he keeps her out of this it might be because he's somehow intimidated by really going "all out" with Storm vs. Sentinels. Ya know..."playing it safe."

At any rate, I'll be yawning my ass off in the theater--and that's if I decide to go see it.

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