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Keep in mind there are several factors.

One, this is coming from a guy who said a director wasn't interested in making a film adaptation, only to be debunked himself.

Two, Reeve did SUCH a great job at capturing the personality of the character, that a different performance (even one that captures who Superman has become) is going to be scrutinized based on preconceived notions about the titular character (ie. he should smile all the time and make wisecracks when fighting)

3. People ARE used to overacting as a standard. Thus a more subdued performance might come across as bland, because they expect something more in-your-face. I personally think Caine's Alfred is the best adapted character of the Nolan trilogy.

4. The character is more reserved (I'm not dissing Superman), so some might be bored of him, expecting someone who is either happy-go-lucky or intense.

I find Superman of the comics to be someone who has a calmness and patience about him, who only goes crazy when brainwashed or is REALLY ticked off. It would be sad if Cavill got the short end of the stick for capturing who the comic character is. If so, that's a strength, not a weakness.

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