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Default Re: Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party XIV

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
No, it's called that they appeal to just more than one faction of the GOP. Someone who is just purely evangelical is not going to go far. You have to appeal to multiple factions within the party. Beyond just the religious sect because they are just a minority within the party (not half). I've never said that they were fringe, because they're not, they're a prominent part of the party. But half? That's really pushing. I would say the evangelical wing makes up to about a third of the GOP's ideological make up.
I don't think we're going to agree if we can't agree on facts. Half is not pushing it. Not anymore. Maybe 20 years ago, they were a minority, but they are on their way to being a majority. I wish I was wrong.

The Republican Party is increasingly becoming a regional party, dominated by Southerners, who are mostly Evangelicals. God and guns, etc. Just read their platform, I believe God is mentioned a dozen times (in the Texas platform it's two dozen times). In most countries they would be considered a religious party.

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