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Default Re: Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party XIV

Originally Posted by enterthemadness View Post
1. If it had nothing to do with the Commission's practices, then why would former R's and D's be running it?
They're not former R's and D's, they are R's and D's almost everyone is a Republican or a Democrat in this country.

2. So? The League didn't want to work with the Commission, cause the Commission generally won't ask tough questions or allow 3rd parties into the debates.
Unless third parties show that they are viable, they shouldn't be allowed in. Their complaint on the issue is pointless.

3. But news coverage doesn't cover 3rd parties unless they have $$$. Hint: Perot.
Perot had more than just money. He actually had an appealing message to go along with that money.

4. Yea, cause the RNC was rigged. Ron Paul was suppose to have a speaking slot there, but it got taken out underneath him. Now of course that could be a conspiracy, cause by that time, I was paying more attention to Johnson, not Paul. But word is online certain delegates that were for Paul got their voting power stripped at the last second due to legal challenges.
Well, yeah, Paul did get screwed in the RNC, no doubt about that.

5. Why should libertarians share a party with other fractions? Do you honestly think a Libertarian will get the GOP Nomination in 2016 or 2020? Oh yea, Rand Paul is doing everything he can to be in the news these days, but it seems the Party and MSM likes Rubio and Christie more.
Because if they don't become a more prominent part of the GOP, they are forever doomed to obscurity. Third parties don't win. Period.

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