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Default Re: "I am Doom...What Gods Dare Stand Against Me"---The official Dr. Doom Thread

Originally Posted by Spider-Vader View Post
On the topic of the origins, I think the next Fantastic Four movie should go over the origins again just because no one liked the original movies. People liked the original Spider-Man movie (I'm not one of them), so they already saw Spidey's origins. No one liked the FF movies, so if the reboot is good it would hopefully attract more viewers; some of which wouldn't know about the team's origin.
That's not exactly true....the first movie did very well. Fanboys didn't like it, but a good majority of the regular moviegoers that I know, and have seen on other message boards enjoyed the first movie. They definitely found problems with it, but it not being the actual origin was not their problem, considering they didn't know what the actual origin was. So, your statement is a pretty big generalization. People found problems in the casting, in the writing, in the horribly childish scenes, etc....but I would find it hard to put "it wasn't the origin of the original comics" was probably not one of their complaints.


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