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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Part 3

Originally Posted by Samwise Gamgee View Post
The crossword is frustrating b/c there is so much there it might be a useless game from Boon:

Anyway, someone on this page (link) totally picked apart much of the crossword.

The found words that reference unrevealed characters are: MXYZPTLK, OMAC, Robin, Wings, Ion, Raven, Tornado, Zod, Mera ...everything from Raven on was pretty tenuous though (the letters were suspiciously close but not in order; you can see in the link above)
That was totally me! lol Rick and Tyler are also in the Word-search, which could mean Hourman, but the names are pretty far apart from each other in the Word-search.
All of the words listed in green I'd consider unlikely, but I didn't want exclude anything either on the possibility I could be wrong.

Also, NOMMHUNTER depresses me. But at least he'll get special attention paid to how he plays if he's DLC (which is highly likely from what I've seen of fan's requesting him).

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