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Default Re: February 20th - PlayStation 4 (?)

Originally Posted by TheDreamMaster View Post
I got a launch Wii and it was broken, but Nintendo overnighted me a new console, so that wasn't horrible. I got an Xbox 360 on release, and while it did RRoD, it wasn't for 3-4 years. Now I have an old style 360 Elite that runs loud an dI can't tell if its dying on me already or not.

I dunno, I'm just not ready for the nex gen. They honestly have not milked the current gen, there is no need for new systems yet. Yeah, its all money, I'm not stupid, but its pretty annoying none the less. I cannot get excited for these enw consoles already. Coupling that with the idea that used games may become useless is just stupid. Again, I get that its money, but it honestly feels like a cheap move. I hope Sony doesn't pull that stuff with this console, sinc eI figure Xbox is already doing it.
You may not be, but most developers and gamers are. I know I am. And I was just listening to Adam Sessler say the same thing, (lucky guy is going to NY right now for the Sony thing) Usually past generations never lasted this long. It is time to move on. Things like the Last of Us really shows they are pushing the limits but it will be time very soon. And MS really needs to more so, the DVD format has been limited for a while. But looking at new engines like Unreal 4, I'd say we need to move forward with that. Also as Sweeny talked about what really is needed with new computing power of the next gen is more advanced AI. AI has been stagnant for a long time, most of this generation was more focused on network coding and graphics/physics.

There are many things as a gamer I want to see. It is time.

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