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Default Re: I want a new Spidey Animated series

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I also think that despite the main reason being rights issues, TSSM wouldn't have continued anyway due to Quesada and Loeb being in charge of Marvel Animation. They openly came out and said that they don't like mature and intelligent shows with ongoing story arcs and that they also believe kids wouldn't like it either. That's why they cancelled Avengers EMH in favor of an Avengers show that, based on what we've heard so far from them, will not be like that. Going by that mentality and by the fact that Quesada likes to destroy Spidey in every medium, I'm assuming that TSSM would've been cancelled around the same time or just a tiny bit later than when it did even if Marvel could and wanted to continue it from where Sony left off.
Even though . . . Ultimate Spider-Man has ongoing story arcs...

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