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Originally Posted by ChickenScratch View Post
He's no Luthor though, because he's not bald or a redhead.

Sure, lots of guys are over 6 feet tall with square jaws, black hair and a muscular build. Take away the blue eyes and you could be describing me, except I'm taller.

My explanation is as detailed as it's gonna get. I don't see Superman when I see him and that's it.
I understand that you don't see Superman when you see him. That's fine; you're allowed to have your own perceptions. However, not all perceptions are accurate and justified. I'm simply asking for some justification. You still haven't given any reason why he looks different from most versions of Superman, or some feature that disqualifies him.

You say that lots of guys look as similar to Superman as Cavill does, but I don't agree; you're definitely under-describing Cavill's similarity to past incarnations of Superman. Not as many members of the population look that similar. (Do you really think you, wearing blue contacts, would look as similar to Superman as Cavill does? I doubt it.) And even if your claim is true -- even if Cavill's similarity to Superman isn't rare among the population -- it doesn't have any bearing on the discussion; he would still look similar enough to play the part, especially once he dons the cape, boots, and S-shield. So, what features disqualify him from the role?

And you haven't answered my first question: Which of the past Supermen most embodies your idea of the "definitive" Superman?

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