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Default Re: If the Wrestling Thread wanted to dance, it'd get a date!

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
True, but I'm still worried they will do something in WM that will make The Shield look like jobbers and specifically to the guy they've beaten so many times. Hopefully I'm worried over nothing though.
That is a concern I agree, I honestly don't mind Roidback finally getting a team together that allows him to get the winning pin at Mania, but if they bury them in a 3 on 1 loss then that would be ridiculous.

Originally Posted by OnTheAir View Post
That's my hope! I'm not sure I want to see Punk/Taker, especially if Taker is still nursing injuries.
Maybe Punk can work the triple threat and tag with Lesnar against Taker and Haitch, that way preventing disasters all round even though he'd eat both pins.

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