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Originally Posted by ChickenScratch View Post
You're gonna be waiting a long time for me to explain why I don't see him as Superman because it's not forthcoming, I just don't see it and his name was the furthest from my mind when they were casting.

As for definitive Superman, there's really isn't one in comics. It comes down to favorite, Alex Ross'.
Okay. I understand that you don't see Cavill as Superman; you don't need to repeat yourself. But why? That's naturally the next question if we want to get to the root of your opinion. I'm simply curious about the reasons behind your opinion, since they aren't evident to me. The situation isn't very complicated: I think Cavill looks similar to past incarnations of Superman, while you believe he doesn't look similar. I've provided reasons why I think he looks similar to Superman (and I can name more), while you have yet to name reasons why you think he doesn't look similar to Superman.

I didn't expect it would be this hard to ask you for some reasons. If you don't want to provide any reasons (or if you don't have any reasons, which seems to be the case) that's fine, but remember: opinions are easy to form. Everyone has opinions (especially on internet forums!), but not everyone has justifications.

Anyway, Alex Ross' Superman is an awesome depiction; definitely different from Cavill, I agree. But Ross' Superman looks a lot different from Christopher Reeve, as well. I wonder: what do you think about Christopher Reeve's appearance? Does he look like Superman to you?

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