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Each to their own I loved Immortals didn't like 300 mind.

J Howlett what do u consider the greatest CBM of all time if Watchmen is 2nd?
The Dark Knight. Now, if we're talking films that are superhero related but aren't based on an actual comic book, it's Pixar's Incredibles.

By the way, with this film being so far down the line in post production to nearly being completed if not already completed, I still don't understand why WB hasn't taken April for itself.

July is usually WB's summer movie spot. They've given that to Pacific Rim. June tends to be a bad month for summer films that aren't animated pictures. Hell, Batman Begins didn't set the box office on fire when it was released in June. There's nothing going on in April that would even challenge Man of Steel. WB could have April all to itself if they released it then. With the 3D, it would almost be a guarantee that the film would hit 300 domestically in that slot.