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Default Re: February 20th - PlayStation 4 (?)

Originally Posted by SpideyVille View Post
I think the problem with the Vita is that Sony is trying to make it into a portable PS3, which sounds cool, but really makes you debate whether you want an experience on a big TV in the comfort of your home, or a smaller but similar experience on the go.

I've heard it said before that the reason why Nintendo has been successful in all of its handhelds is because they design games separately for their handheld, as opposed to trying to port it down. You have some exceptions like the New Super Mario Bros games, but in terms of exclusives, there are reasons why games like Pokemon are still successful and have the power to sell whatever new handheld Nintendo throws out.
That's how I am with portables. I got a PSP first, and was in love with the graphic level (for a handheld atleast). I ended up mainly playing older games, and using it for music, and surfing the web while playing my PS3. I rarely go on long trips. I'd occasionally play it during breaks at work, but most of the time I played it at home. The console-lite's just didn't do it for me considering I had a PS3 right there.

Nintendo on the other hand has quirky titles I can play in chunks. I can pop in Pokemon, or Scribblenauts, and play for 15 mins, or two hours. GOW on PSP, not so much. I ended up playing Castlevania SoTN, and a Sega collection on my PSP more than anything. Of course the opposite is true for consoles. Nintendo, IMO, doesn't offer the deep, rich full blown console treatment I get with a Playstation.

Vita, and 3DS are in similar states to their predecessors. Vita has very nice tech, but nothing I really want to play on a handheld that I can't get better on a console. While the technologically inferior 3DS has games that just feel right, and hook me considering it's a handheld experience. I think Sony would do themselves a lot of good if they quit treating their handhelds like full blown consoles.

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