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Default Re: Discussion: The Economy, Fiscal Cliff, National Debt, And Other Financial Issues

Originally Posted by enterthemadness View Post
So, what would a living Basically a salary for everybody? Like say....McDonald's would start off new employees with limited exp at 19K a year?
The market should determine salaries/wages. If I'm an employer struggling in the economy and want to hire someone to help out for $3/hour, I should be able to. And, if no one will work for so little, then my options are to 1) not hire anyone or 2) raise the hourly wage I'm willing to pay.

If someone will work for $3/hour, why shouldn't they be allowed to? What happened to liberty?

And I'll repost my last post below:


From the New York Times in 1987. I'm completely surprised that the Gray Hag ever put something out like this in my lifetime:

The Right Minimum Wage: $0.00

They go on to suggest wage supplements, which is a terrible idea but just up their alley. So, I guess you can't expect them to get everything right.

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