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Default Re: Top 5 Things You Want from Captain America 2!

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
I hope Cap will start fighting like a super-soldier. I hope to see Cap moving more like this.

That gif is so neat that I just sat here and watched it for a few minutes until I tore myself away from it. The motion is so fluid: Cap leaps while hurling his shield with his right hand, catches it in midair with his left and comes down to kill another Chitauri. Great moment.

As for my wishes for the TWS:

1. SHIELD flying cars

2. Joe Johnson said that Cap's strength might increase in the sequels. I'd like to see that happen. Bump him up to where he can lift about 10 tons, like they did in the comics once.

3. A flashback of a romantic interlude between Steve & Peggy that makes it clear that he's definitely no virgin.

4. A red costume for the Falcon. It doesn't have to be the old red-and-white spandex from the comics, but I really want to see him wearing vibrant red.

5. Nick Fury revealed to be far older than we suspect. Give him a backstory with the Infinity Formula to explain how he's the same age as Steve Rogers -- or older -- yet was never frozen.

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