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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 3

Your forgetting Mystique will be with Brotherhood.

I believe Banshee and Havok will still be X-men and emma Frost will still be among the Brotherhood.Now rather the actors come back or Bryan Singer uses the 11 year gap between films to recast Is an open question.

This I sunlike any previous X-Men film.You have

1:The characters In future plus Sentinles
2:X-Men and Brotherhood In 1973
3:Human Characters In 1973.Nixon and most likely Trask
4:The Time Traveler who bridges first Class and trilogy casts

If you look at all of Bryan Singer's films he doesn't flood screen with characters.He uses characters that fit story.And If you look at his enesemble films some characters get focus and others don't.Remember that as some complain about som enot getting focus yet they still want to flood the screen with characters and want certain characters
get focus.

Dropping a hwole bunch of first Class characters Isn't likely.Sabretooth and Toad were only ones who didn't return for X2 and both almost did.Sabretooth was cut because of decsion to use Deathstrike.WHile Toad was victim of budget.There are still Limitians on who can be used due to not outright ignoring origins and Last Stand and the 1973 setting.

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