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Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Hey, she can fly and you know it!

But seriously, I like the NJO interpretation of the use of the Force, where it more or less depends on how you use it.
You mean the Jacen Solo interpretation? Not a big fan.

The reason Jedi don't go around using Force Lighting isn't necessarily because they can't. Sure, there are some who couldn't generate, like there are Jedi who aren't nearly as talented in telekinesis as Anakin is.

It is about what it takes to use it. It is opening yourself up to your anger and that is a slippery slope.

Originally Posted by James View Post
I think Jedi can probably learn Force lightning, it's just kind of a cruel power. Most of the Jedi's standard Force techniques are fairly tame, push, lift, whatever. You take the enemy down hard and fast. Lightning is rather sadistic, it never kills instantly. Maybe someone like Kit Fisto could benefit from it though, using in the water if surrounded by enemies might be pretty handy.
Palpatine can kill with it instantly. He just chooses not to. He likes to torture.

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