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Default Re: "I am Doom...What Gods Dare Stand Against Me"---The official Dr. Doom Thread

The first half of ASM was the best part imo. In the same way The Count of Monte Cristo has retold the origin of Edmond Dantes in everyone of the dozen film adaptations that have graced the screen since the dawn of cinema. The origin is arguably the most integral part of a superheroes life. Having gone without seeing Peter as a powerless loser before he became a hero wouldve cheapened it for me. Seeing Thing before ever seeing Ben would do the same imo.

Regarding the Hulk v TIH, yeah many people are still foolish enough to think they are related. But beyond that I absolutely love TIH. Its one of my favorite films (not just CBMs) and you better believe I wouldve loved to see Ed Nortons take on Bruce Banners complete origin.

Originally Posted by Joss Whedon
Yeah [Coulson]ís dead. The entire television series is just a fever dream. Itís a Jacobís Ladder moment heís having at the point of death...
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