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Default Re: February 20th - PlayStation 4 (?)

Originally Posted by TheDreamMaster View Post
I got a launch Wii and it was broken, but Nintendo overnighted me a new console, so that wasn't horrible. I got an Xbox 360 on release, and while it did RRoD, it wasn't for 3-4 years. Now I have an old style 360 Elite that runs loud an dI can't tell if its dying on me already or not.

I dunno, I'm just not ready for the nex gen. They honestly have not milked the current gen, there is no need for new systems yet. Yeah, its all money, I'm not stupid, but its pretty annoying none the less. I cannot get excited for these enw consoles already. Coupling that with the idea that used games may become useless is just stupid. Again, I get that its money, but it honestly feels like a cheap move. I hope Sony doesn't pull that stuff with this console, sinc eI figure Xbox is already doing it.
Yeah, I usually like to wait a while before getting a new console/handheld. I had a Wii back in 2007, and I got it mostly because I fell for the motion gimmick. I was a Nintendo fanboy so I trusted them to deliver, but after a while, I started to regret it, especially after I saw my brother's PS3. I finally got a PS3 in 2010 and one of he best things was that there were a bunch of older games that I never had a chance to play because they weren't the kind of games my brother was into. It was great to have so much available at the moment, as opposed to buying at launch and having to wait months/years for more great games to come out.

I would love to have a Vita, but that's the same issue I see my brother having. I know there's some great games out there, but every few months I hear him talk about the next "big" game that he's waiting for, only to hear he's disappointed by it. It's things like that that make me hesistant to jump on right away because I don't wait to commit to something that's just going to be sitting there for months while I wait for something to make it worthwhile, especially since I can't really afford to buy games now the same way I used to.

Originally Posted by Fading View Post
That's how I am with portables. I got a PSP first, and was in love with the graphic level (for a handheld atleast). I ended up mainly playing older games, and using it for music, and surfing the web while playing my PS3. I rarely go on long trips. I'd occasionally play it during breaks at work, but most of the time I played it at home. The console-lite's just didn't do it for me considering I had a PS3 right there.

Nintendo on the other hand has quirky titles I can play in chunks. I can pop in Pokemon, or Scribblenauts, and play for 15 mins, or two hours. GOW on PSP, not so much. I ended up playing Castlevania SoTN, and a Sega collection on my PSP more than anything. Of course the opposite is true for consoles. Nintendo, IMO, doesn't offer the deep, rich full blown console treatment I get with a Playstation.

Vita, and 3DS are in similar states to their predecessors. Vita has very nice tech, but nothing I really want to play on a handheld that I can't get better on a console. While the technologically inferior 3DS has games that just feel right, and hook me considering it's a handheld experience. I think Sony would do themselves a lot of good if they quit treating their handhelds like full blown consoles.
Yeah, I think in theory, the idea of a console on the go is awesome, up until you realize what makes the console experience what it is. I definitely think the Vita could be a great handheld on its own, but it still seems like its in between trying to be a handheld and a console. I think a lot of the expectations were that you'd be able to play games like Call of Duty on your PS3 against people playing on the Vita and it would be seamless. I think Need For Speed Most Wanted has been the closest game to copying the console version onto the Vita, but for the most part, Sony hasn't been able to capture the same experience with its games, as was seen with Golden Abyss and AC: Liberation, where they were okay, but not as great as the console versions. I think Sony just needs to understand that the Vita has limits and they need to work within those limits like Nintendo has done with the DS/3DS.

Of course, I still think the saving grace of the Vita will be the PS4 if they reveal that they were made to work with each other.

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