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Default Re: The Next Batman Director

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
There was nothing wrong with Ridley's directing in Prometheus. It was the downright offensive script that bogged the movie down. A far better script, and we could've looked at a sci fi classic. At least Prometheus shows us that Ridley still knows how to compose an image better than most.
Have you watched the doc ? Ridley called the shots of everything , even the direction of the scripts. They literally followed everything he wanted since day one.

Even if that wasnt the case , the director should always be evaluated by the whole product , not just the visual aspect. Off course he deserves to be called out for Prometheus. He's the director !! His involvement goes way beyond framing and lighting.

The writer's didn't deserve to get all that bed rep. And looking back at it , its embarrassing considering all they did was following the director's guidelines.

And i've know for a looooong time , Ridley composes image better than most people. I didnt need Prometheus to show me that (but i also have to say i've enjoyed watching it. I cant call it a good movie , but i was mildly entertained and it looked good....outside of Rises , i cant even say the same about any blockbuster released in us during the summer.)

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