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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
Everyone agrees that Marvel can be successful with lower tier characters given the right director, script, and creative team yet, hardly anyone applies this concept to Fox's Marvel properties. Granted I agree to an extent that some of there movies did suck it wasn't all their fault. XMOFP could be a really great XM film given the amazing storyline, the bringing back of the director who made the first two XM films who everyone agrees were great so while Singer may not have a great track record with everything else he does have one with X films.
And as far as a FF reboot I have faith that Trank can do it justice. Give him the right creative team and script with Millar helping out he could do wonders.

As for a SS movie I don't know much about the character save from his FF ties if given the right things it could work.
Well FOX had a the perfect opportunity of showing this in First Class. Instead we only got 2 stand out performances by Eric and Charles. The supporting cast were all mediocre at best. (Kevin Bacon was not "Shaw" he was a mutant Kevin Bacon with supbar special effects)

FOX also has the opportunity to show it in the upcoming DOFP film but isn't they're just shoe horning in any previous character the can to compete with Hobbit 3 and anything else surrounding it's release date.

If FOX would hire a script writer who writes instead of a writer who talks (Millar). Maybe those lower teir characters could have more success. But this has been their ongoing issue for 13 years now...

So as it stands now, FOX couldn't get another Daredevil project off the ground in time so the rights reverted back to Marvel and Silver Surfer and Deadpool projects have been in development hell for more than 4 years now.

So if it wasn't all FOX's fault then who's was it...?

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