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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Okay when you put it that way I guess I can see how it could work. I forgot she was only a villain for about 4 issues and wasn't originally Magneto's daughter. Still, it would just feel weird for them to be Inhumans or aliens in the MCU, although you're right that it can work like that. She could even be a product of Dr. Strange if they want.

Yeah I guess it does give them another female character with cool powers but the reason I was saying she wouldn't add anything is because her big plot points in the comics all involve destroying mutants besides marrying Vision and disassembling the Avengers.

Maybe Marvel could work the Inhumans into being the mutants of the MCU if they can't work out a deal with Fox?
Yeah, much of her stories lately have involved mutants. But the idea that Busiek used in Marvel could be brought into the movies. Her powers growing and finding out that she is able to warp and alter reality to her whims could be used. Even the mutant stuff could be fitted for the Marvel movies, just alter things here and there. The main concept being that her powers become so huge and can alter reality making her a massive threat to everyone, even the Avengers. I wouldn't necessarily introduce her this way. Maybe, like Pym, introduce her as a regular hero like Thor or Cap, and then in another film have her powers grow and she becomes a threat. (Like how I think Pym should be introduced as a normal hero, maybe a little insecure, but then later in a sequel have him have a break down and show his mental illness). She could even become the threat of that movie. Say in the movie they Avengers are going up against a threat, for example the Wrecking Crew, and suddenly Wanda easily wipes them out. And then the movie becomes all about her powers and towards the end she is the threat. Although the plot would be better developed than that and made so that it would be different from the X3 Phoenix movie.
That movie about her powers being out of control could be a sort of three movie thing. She is introduced in Avengers A, powers grow in Avengers B, and Avengers Disassembled in Avengers C.
Avengers C could be all about her powers out of control, nearly killing several Avengers and destroying the Vision, destroying their HQ, creating an alternate reality within her room, bringing an army of mind controlled Ultrons or something. All this could be based on that comic.
And like someone mentioned, she could be something like an Inhuman or a magical being rather than a mutant. Don't say she isn't a mutant, just don't say she is. Leave it ambiguous.
Just some thoughts.

I'd rather see her as an Avenger than in the X-Men, but I feel the same about Quicksilver and the Beast.
I'd love to see the Beast talking super science with Stark, Banner, and Pym.

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