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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post

Ok..Actually you're right. Singer should get some credit but it's going a little overboard in saying (not saying you) that Singer is responsible for this era in Marvel Movies while ignoring the merits of Blade and MIB. Most people at best knew the X-Men from the cartoon and not the comics in reality.. I, personally aren't so down on DOFP but I'm not jaded by him either. He was scared to use costumes where Sam Raimi's Spider-Man embraced it so doesn't he deserve the "First use of a costume" credit?

Also, since the early 2000's the Bar has been raised starting with Iron Man and Fox hasn't shown to me that they met that bar on CBM's. The jury is still out on Fox and Singer..
In box-office terms, X-Men outclass (by a large margin) everything Marvel Studios has put out that doesn't feature the words "Iron" or "Avengers" in the title. For that matter, X1 made more money than any DC film that doesn't feature the words "The Dark Knight" in it.

In the box office pantheon of superheroes, it goes:

Batman TDK
Iron Man

....and everyone else is well behind that pack.

Its not always the actor. Its the script and production.. For example.. Is Jennifer Lawrence more know from XM-FC or from Hunger Games by the GA?? How about Silver Linings Playbook?? IMO Jennifer Lawrence is doing DOFP because she signed a Multi-Picture Contract and is way smarter then loud mouth Hugo Weaving to complain about it.. So Vaughn did a great job assembling a great cast but the Film it's self fell short. And thats my opinion that someone else may see as fact..
Mystique was J-Law's breakout role. She was literally nominated for "Breakout Performance" awards as Mystique, and it's that turn that convinced casting directors to give her the lead in Hunger Games.


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